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Respect, Dignity, Independence - NDIS Support for People With Disabilities

Summerland Support Services is a registered NDIS provider for people living with disabilities. Summerland Support Services offers Support Coordination, Supported Independent Living, everyday support, and capacity building for people living with disability and those with special care needs, talk to our team to get started.

We create a welcoming and nurturing environment, so we can best assist our participants to achieve their independence and life goals, no matter what they might be.

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  • Support Coordination

We help participants understand their NDIS plan so they can make informed choices.

If your NDIS Plan includes Support Coordination our expert team can assist with reviewing your plan, identifying and linking you to appropriate supports, and making sure your plan suits your needs. We advise how to access services, build capacity and navigate the NDIS system.
  • Everyday Support

We support people with disabilities with their day to day lives, helping them with specific tasks or needs.

Our team can attend to personal care, life admin support, support to access community services, social support, and assistance with travel or attending appointments. 

  • Supported Independent Living

We foster independence in our participants by providing supervised independent living and building life skills.

We help plan your roster of care with our team, assisting with certain aspects of independent living or hands-on care depending on the needs of the individual.
  • Capacity Building

We facilitate capacity building for participants who want to live and work independently.

Our team can facilitate training and skill-building among participants, equipping them for work, independent living, and social interaction. We can help participants achieve their goals for developing their capacity as they see fit.


Improving lives

The team at Summerland Support are here to improve and enhance the lives of our participants by facilitating independence and developing their skills for life and overall wellbeing.



We view all our participants as valuable members of our community with goals and aspirations of their own.



We treat all our participants as if they are part of our family, no matter their circumstances.



We understand that participants value their independence and we are here to support their goals.

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Contact Us for a free consultation

Do you or someone you know or care for need NDIS registered support services? We invite you to a free, no-obligation consultation session with the team at Summerland to discuss your needs around support or disability care. We offer NDIS support coordination as well as quality hands-on support, tailored to individual needs.

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How we work

Summerland Support Services is a locally owned and operated disability services provider servicing Casino, Lismore, Evans Head, the Richmond Valley, and Kyogle, including west of the range. Our compassionate and understanding support staff work with participants, carers, and family members to navigate the often-complicated NDIS system, offering tailored levels of care and support that cater to the specific needs of the individual. We work with young people, and adults, of all abilities to reach their true potential.


About Us

Summerland Support Services are owned and operated by dedicated disability support coordinators and facilitators Gail and Patrick Deegan. For over 20 years, our team provided disability support and community services with care, compassion, and a focus on individual needs. We’ve tailored our approach so participants can make their own choices on how to live independent, fulfilled and happy lives.

In our commitment to fostering respect and dignity for all people who come to us, our team is selected for their compassionate nature as well as a combined decades of experience in disability services, child and family support and aged care and more recently, NDIS support coordination. Gail and Patrick emphasise providing the same level of care for participants as if they were part of our own family.

As a registered NDIS provider, we help support people with disabilities of all ages, ranging from young children to the elderly and everyone in between. We make sure everyone is welcome and included at Summerland – participants, carers, and family.


Servicing Casino, Lismore, Kyogle, Evans Head and surrounding areas

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Frequently Asked questions

We answer all your questions about Summerland and the NDIS, support coordination, and disability support services.

We are a registered NDIS provider, providing services in the Lismore, Richmond Valley, and Kyogle Council areas. We provide a range of high-quality support services delivered by our team of professional and compassionate staff, trained in all aspects of disability support, aged care, support coordination, and liaising with the NDIS. We also help facilitate and provide capacity building services such as life skills training and social support.

Yes, all our initial consultations are free. To figure out if we can best support your needs, we can talk over the phone, video call, or face to face to ensure you are a good match for our services.

Unfortunately, our services are in high demand and there may be instances where we may be unable to assist. However, we may be able to help find other services through our support coordination service.

Yes , all the services we offer are funded by the NDIS. However, if you feel you qualify for the NDIS, we can have a conversation to help to guide you through the application process as part of our support coordination service.
All of our services are funded by the NDIS and as such, there are no out of pocket costs for NDIS funded services.


Work with us

Do you enjoy working with disability support participants helping them grow to become fulfilled and happy individuals? Do you have experience or training in aged care, disability care, disability support, or allied health administration? We’re always on the lookout for compassionate and skilled disability support staff to assist Summerland Support in providing more disability services to more people in the community. See our current career vacancies below.

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