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  • Support Coordination

We help participants understand their NDIS plan so they can make informed choices.

If your NDIS Plan includes Support Coordination our expert team can assist with reviewing your plan, identifying and linking you to appropriate supports, and making sure your plan suits your needs. We advise how to access services, build capacity and navigate the NDIS system.
  • Everyday Support

We support people with disabilities with their day to day lives, helping them with specific tasks or needs.

Our team can attend to personal care, life admin support, support to access community services, social support, and assistance with travel or attending appointments.
  • Supported Independent Living

We foster independence in our participants by providing supervised independent living and building life skills.

We help plan your roster of care with our team, assisting with certain aspects of independent living or hands-on care depending on the needs of the individual.
  • Capacity Building

We facilitate capacity building for participants who want to live and work independently.

Our team can facilitate training and skill-building among participants, equipping them for work, independent living, and social interaction. We can help participants achieve their goals for developing their capacity as they see fit.

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Contact Us for a free consultation

Not sure where to start with the NDIS? Need to put together an NDIS plan? Talk to the team at Summerland Support for a free, no-obligation consultation about support coordination under the NDIS. We’re here to answer all your questions about the NDIS, funding, and support plans.

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