Capacity Building

Summerland Support Services offer a range of capacity building services for people living with disability who want to develop their life and work skills and gain real independence.

Our highly trained and compassionate team facilitates capacity building for our valued participants in the Richmond Valley and Northern Rivers region of NSW.

This means we help participants build their skills or connect with specialised programs to enhance their skills to live independently, engage in meaningful work, and interact with the community. We can help find NDIS-supported or funded programs for participants, depending on their own preferences and wishes.

With over two decades of experience, we understand the needs of our participants to build their capacity for living. We aim to help our participants achieve their goals of living happy, healthy, and independent lives.

Our team can help people with:

  • Developing social skills with peers and building a network within the community
  • General life skills such as cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and budgeting
  • Educating participants so they can make their own informed decisions
  • Building work skills for ongoing employment
  • Getting a driver’s licence, navigating transport, and other skill development.
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Are you looking for capacity building?

Our caring and compassionate team can provide or connect participants with quality training programs across a range of skills, boosting their confidence to live and work independently.

We can provide a level of tailored support to aid participants in their capacity building efforts. Our Support Coordinators can tailor plans that suit the individual and respect their dignity and independence. We can also arrange to connect participants with entitlements and services under the NDIS. Talk to our team to see how we can help.


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Contact Us for a free consultation

Do you or someone you know want to start building their capacity for life and work? We can assist with all aspects of capacity building. There’s no obligation to proceed – we’re here to answer all your questions so you can make an informed choice when it comes to capacity building.