Support Coordination

Are you new to the NDIS? Unsure of how to navigate the NDIS system? Need some advice about accessing NDIS-approved services in the Richmond Valley and Northern Rivers region?

The team at Summerland Support are here to help with support coordination for the NDIS, giving you information about what services you can access using your funding level, which support services are available at Summerland, and creating tailored plans around individual participant needs.

Summerland Support Ccoordinators connect and coordinate support services for NDIS participants in the community. We can help you understand and review your NDIS plan, provide

information about your options, get quotes for your services and support needs, and talk to government agencies on your behalf. This all helps you or the participant you care for stay in control of their decisions and find services and support that meets their needs.

Our support coordinators can help with:

  • Understanding your rights and entitlements under the NDIS
  • Understanding your NDIS plan
  • Talk to the NDIS and other government departments
  • Find and get quotes on services and support
  • Connecting you with quality support right here at Summerland
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We can help you navigate the NDIS

We understand that navigating funding and service provision through the NDIS can be daunting for participants, their families, and carers alike. That’s why we work with participants, the NDIS, government, and service providers to tailor rosters and plans for support. We explain what participants can expect, give them information about support, and make sure they have made informed decisions they are happy with.

Our trained and empathetic team are highly trained in all aspects of the NDIS, which ensures all participants get the same level of care as if they were family. Talk to us and arrange a time to talk about support coordination and improving the quality of life for people living with a disability.


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Contact Us for a free consultation

Not sure where to start with the NDIS? Need to put together an NDIS plan? Talk to the team at Summerland Support for a free, no-obligation consultation about support coordination under the NDIS. We’re here to answer all your questions about the NDIS, funding, and support plans.